Transparent and results driven


Thanks to our advanced algorithms, you’ll see the data and how your campaigns are performing.

Our AI creates the perfect social media plan to attract the right talent based on criteria you select. We can report on where, when, and how we reach candidates. The campaigns ensure that you reach, attract and engage with exactly who you need for the role.


Employer branding

Employer branding is an essential part of recruitment marketing. Just like when a marketer introduces a brand to their target audiences, we promote your employer brand to passive candidates and drive interest in your company. We showcase your company’s story, values, growth aspirations, and culture.

Employer branding results in more applicants for your existing job ads, increased exposure for your company, and ultimately higher conversion rates for your job advertising.


Job advertising

By reaching active and passive talent, we turn the entire Internet into a recruitment platform. Our AI finds candidates based on their demographics, interests, and online behavior, then hyper-targets them with the right job ads throughout the candidate journey. Thanks to A/B testing, our ads are automatically optimised for the best results.

Our automated programmatic job advertising, advertises throughout the recruitment funnel. It attracts higher-quality applicants, it’ll help you shorten your hiring process and lower your costs-of-hire.

Data driven and fair Pricing

After you’ve shared the details of a job, our AI takes over to deliver the perfect campaign. You’ll see the outcome of your recruitment campaign so you can measure the ROI! You’ll also only pay for what you need – no lengthy contracts. See how!

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