Socially Recruited: Rebrand Explained

We founded Socially Recruited a little over 4 years ago. In this time we have evolved and grown as a business and because of that, we felt that it was important that our brand reflected the changes that had happened in this time.

In the past 12 months alone, we’ve grown our team by 150%, driven 366.5K candidate applications for our clients, 40M candidates have seen our adverts 🤯. We’ve started working with many incredible employers, the likes of Amazon, HP, Sage, KFC, Sky and GSK, to name a small handful. The point is, a lot has happened, our brand has evolved and our mission is now more clearly defined than ever before.


Our mission is clearly defined with the whole team behind it, from customer success and sales to tech and leadership, we’re all working towards this one common goal which will better the industry.

“Our goal is to make it as easy to apply for a job, as it is to buy on Amazon. Candidates apply quickly and easily, giving employers a wide range of diverse candidates for future growth.”


Our tagline has evolved and now better says what we do at a glance.

“Automate your social media recruitment”


Our value proposition has always been that we enable employers to attract otherwise unreachable passive talent through social media, so we’ve just made this clearer.

“We enable employers to recruit the unreachable candidates through social media using our AI platform.”


Our brand identity has a global tech look and feel as we position ourselves among the best in the world. Our iconic symbol is easily identifiable and it represents social recruiting, a bold voice and colour palette bringing a sense of vibrancy, youthfulness and an innovative spirit to the industry. Much needed… at least we think so!


This has resulted in a new logo, icons, colours and fonts, but the same driving force behind it all.




We’re excited for this next phase in our growth as we continue to partner with forward-thinking employers who align with our mission.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog – what do you think of the rebrand? We would love to hear! Just drop a comment below.

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