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Our AI technology harnesses the power of the internet to create an advertising campaign specific to your candidate profile reaching both active and passive jobseekers with the right ad, on the right platform at the right time.

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Job boards only reach active job seekers

Normal job ads reach just 20% of suitable candidates. Socially Recruited takes your message to the other 80% of job seekers.

Our adverts appear on the thousands of platforms candidates use every day including:

How our technology works

Our automated recruitment advertising technology allows you to reach the entire internet. We advertise on hundreds and thousands of apps and 90% of all websites. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Google and even Tinder. We’re there!

Our intelligent technology automatically decides where, when and how to advertise your ad based on your candidates’ profile and online behaviour

You tell us the job you need to advertise and we will recommend a package that will work for you.

Our technology reaches both active and passive job seekers with the right platform at the right time based on their online behaviour.

You confirm the campaign, then ads are automatically distributed to the selected channels.

At the end of each campaign you will receive detailed, transparent statistics of your campaign.

Our artificial intelligence A/B tests the adverts targeting, settings, selected channels and timing to produce optimum performance.

Our adverts appear on thousands of the platforms candidates use every day

Campaign Management

Our technology ensures that when candidates like, share and comment, feedback about the brand or company is positive.

Any negative feedback is immediately removed from users being able to see.


Your adverts can be re-marketed to interested candidates which not only increases the likelihood of securing their application but offers consistent employer branding over a longer period of time

*subject to package taken

Lead Boosts and Microsites

We know that the majority of traffic to your website will come from a mobile device. If your website and application process isn’t mobile friendly, you will be missing out on the opportunity to attract the talent showing interest in your vacancy.

Don’t worry! We have two solutions which can help you achieve the results and improve the candidate journey.

Lead Boost

When an interested candidate clicks on the advert, they simply fill in a short online form which can then be submitted to you to allow you to phone or email with further information and an application form.


Our design team can create your very own recruitment microsite which is adaptive to mobile devices and expertly produced to increase applications.

Case Studies

Why we are different

Current Solutions

20% Reach

Job boards only reach active jobseekers.

Post & Pray

Companies post their job and pray that the right person finds it.


Agencies that advertise jobs on platforms that are not intended for recruitment are a huge time burden.

Static with no insights

Job adverts are never optimised, because there’s no way to track/understand performance.

Socially Recruited Solutions

100% Reach

Reach both active and passive jobseekers on global platforms that are not intended for recruitment, such as Google and Facebook.


Pro-active hyper-targeting

Targeted ads based on demographics, location, behaviour and interests.

Automation & programmatic

Our aim is to automate the entire process. Fully automated creation, distribution and programmatic optimisation of job ads.

Dynamic with insights

Data-driven campaigns. Automated A/B testing that continues to improve ad campaigns over time.

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